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I would totally put my face 4 inches from her chest and scream, “I’M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!” And I’d make a point never to take my eyes off her boobs until she got so uncomfortable and creeped out that she decided to leave, go back home, sit on her bed in the dark, and think about how completely stupid she was to write “STILL NOT ASKING FOR IT” while asking for it.

This woman’s a disgrace.

But she’s not asking for it. This is a human body, nothing more, nothing less. It’s not being sexualized, in fact, she’s covered her nipples too. I’m sorry, h-plus, that you feel that your body and the body of other women should be considered a disgrace. Do you feel uncomfortable when looking at pictures in the doctor’s office of a woman’s naked body? And do you, leftybegone, get uncontrollably horny at the same sight? Control your python (or garden snake), man, you’re not 12. Have some maturity over the matter. If you did that to that woman, leftybegone, you’d just be putting a bad face on us guys, making us seem like sex-crazed, immature horndogs. Maybe you are one, but I’m tired people making that assumption of us as a gender. It’s disgraceful. She wouldn’t think it was stupid of her to do that if you did. You’d just make her movement more powerful.

Rape (noun):the crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse.

Men aren’t primal fucking animals. They’re humans that are completely capable of resisting their urges. I bet you (leftybegone) are a kid with some serious hormones since you, obviously, can’t control yourself.

“She was asking for it”. Really? Can you really blame an individual for someone else’s lack of control? The mere fact that a woman is more likely to be assaulted if she wears certain types of clothing does not make it right. She could walk around naked and that still doesn’t excuse rape. The solution to the problem is not for women to “dress less slutty” but for men to realize that a woman’s choice of dress is not an open invitation to sexual assault.

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but then again, its kind like putting a meat suit on and telling a shark not to eat you

We (men) are not fucking sharks!

We are not rabid animals living off of pure instinct

We are capapble of rational thinking and understanding. 

Just because someone is cooking food doesn’t mean you’re entitled to eat it. 

Just because a banker is counting money doesn’t mean you’re being given free money.

Just because a person is naked doesn’t mean you’re entitled to fuck them. 

You are not entitled to someone else’s body just because it’s exposed. 

What is so fucking difficult about this concept?

I’ll always reblog this because:

1) Isn’t she just a wonderful lady?!

2) I love seeing the response of the first two guys - WAY TO MISS THE POINT. Ahahaha, they get me every time.

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Two Universities In The United Kingdom Ban Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” For Promoting Rape Culture

The University of Leeds’ student union has banned Robin Thicke’s popular song “Blurred Lines,” saying it will not be played at any of the three nightclubs or two bars operated by the union. It’s the second university in the United Kingdom to recently take this stand, after the University of Edinburgh banned the chart-topper last week.

The officers in Leeds’ student union collectively made the decision to ban the song, saying it “undermines and degrades women.” The pop hit has beenwidely criticized for its lyrics connoting nonconsensual sexual activity — such as “I hate these blurred lines, I know you want it” — and its music video featuring naked women alongside fully-clothed men.

Alice Smart, one of the officers at Leeds’ student union, told the Independentthat students’ reaction to the decision has been largely positive. “A few students are asking why if we have banned this song, we aren’t banning everything, but we’ve chosen this one as an example, because it’s so popular,” Smart explained. “Blurred Lines” has reached number one in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia.

The Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA) relied on similar logic when it moved to ban “Blurred Lines” earlier this month. EUSA’s vice presidentpointed out that the song “promotes an unhealthy attitude towards sex and consent,” which violates the school’s explicit policy to tackle rape culture and sexual harassment.

Robin Thicke has brushed off the feminist critiques of “Blurred Lines,” saying it’s “irresponsible” to suggest that the lyrics are promoting rape, and noting that art is supposed to spark a conversation.

But this week, the Sociological Images blog pointed out that many of the lyrics in “Blurred Lines” are lines that actual rapists have said to their victims. Using images from Project Unbreakable — an online photo essay exhibit that features survivors holding signs noting what their rapists said to them before, during, or after their assault — the sociology blog was able to match up Robin Thicke’s lyrics with sentences that have accompanied real instances of nonconsensual sexual activity.

The issue of combating rape culture on college campuses has been especially prevalent across U.S. universities over the past year. Student activists havebanded together to pressure their university administration to take rape more seriously, and work harder to create an atmosphere where sexual assault isn’t tolerated and survivors are supported. Earlier this week, a group of college students sparked a widespread conversation about consent by playing a prank on Playboy Magazine, putting out a fake “guide to a consensual good time” that made it appear as though Playboy was prioritizing sexual assault prevention over partying.

So awesome

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